The loon bird

   Loon, or diver, is the name given to several water birds that dive under the water for fish. Most of them are related to the grebes. The common loon, or great northern diver, is found from the northern United States to the Arctic Circle. In the summer, this loon likes to make its home in the small, lonely lakes in the interior of the country. The common loon is the state bird of Minnesota.
   Loons are about 36 inches long. Their backs and wings are black, with many white spots. The heads and necks are glossy black and green, and the neck has white streaks. The webbed feet are also black, and the tails are short. Loons look somewhat like large ducks. They are the most handsome of the diving birds. Their loud screams can sometimes be heard echoing over the lakes at night. Loons feed chiefly on fish.
   The Pacific loon has a purple-black throat. It is smaller than the great northern diver. The red-throated diver is about 25 inches long and has duller coloring than the common loon.

Scientific Classification. Loons belong to the loon family, Gaviidae. The common loon is genus Gavia, species
G. immer. The Pacific is G. arctica pacifica. The red-throated is G. stellata.

Pacific loon