Gemsbok (antelope)

Orix gazella
   The gemsbok is a species of South African antelope. The gemsbok, Oryx gazella, is a heavy, stout animal, about the size of a stag, with rough reversed hair on the neck and along the ridge of the back; large pointed ears; and almost perfectly straight horns in the plane of the forehead, little diverging, and ringed for about half their length. With these horns the gemsbok can transfix a lion; they have been known to reach a length of 47½ inches. The colors are harshly contrasted, dark rusty gray above, and white on the under parts, separated by a broad- dark brown or black band; the head white with black transverse bands; the thighs black, and the legs white. The hoofs of the gemsbok are remarkably long, adapted to the rocky mountainous dístricts which the animal frequents. The gemsbok is becoming almost extinct.