Jackdaw facts

  • The jackdaw is a bird of the crow family. 
  • It is somewhat smaller than the crow and rook. 
  • The jackdaw has black legs, a black body, and a dark gray neck.
  • It abounds in the Mediterranean countries and northward. 
  • In a wild country the jackdaw builds its nests in crevices of cliffs and inaccessible places. 
  • In England it is a familiar bird about ruins and rambling houses. 
  • It often builds in chimneys which at times it half fills with sticks before it gets a basis for a nest.
  • It is stated that a pair of jackdaws working seventeen days once built a pile of sticks ten feet high in the stairway of a school building at Eton. 
  • The jackdaw is tamed easily. 
  • The jackdaw makes a mischievous, noisy, thievish, imitative pet.