Corn belt

   The Corn Belt is the part of the United States that leads in the growing of corn. The soil is rich, and the weather is good for corn. There are many summer showers. And the summer nights as well as the days are warm.
   The Corn Belt might also be called the Hog Belt. For most of the farmers feed a great deal of the corn they raise to hogs. Many cattle are brought to the Corn Belt to be fattened, too. The old saying is true that "most of the corn goes to market on four feet."
   The Corn Belt stretches from western Ohio to eastern Nebraska. Almost three quarters of all the corn grown in the United States comes from this area. Iowa is the leader, and this state is often called the "land where the tall corn grows." Corn is not the only crop grown on the farms in the Corn Belt, but always a great deal of the land is planted in corn. A traveler here sees so many cornfields that he does not need to be told that he is in the Corn Belt.