Whar is exercise?

   Exercise is the modern substitute for the work our bodies were created to do. Automobiles, soft foods, heated houses, and longer hours in classrooms have all tended to alter our attitude toward exercise. However, the need for exercise is greater today than ever before.
   For children free play is bat outdoors, wherever there is space. Small children do not need the formal games that their older brothers and sisters enjoy. Boys and girls should practice many games and activities through adolescence, for skill in such activities as tennis, swimming, running, gymnastics, and skating will be useful and enjoyable in later life. Exercise is not something to be done only at school, or when young; exercise should be a normal part of everyday life for all of our years.
   Many people would be more active and thus would be able to contribute more to their own and others' happiness if they would exercise regularly. What does exercise do? It enables one to enjoy the company of others in active ways. Socially it helps to break down barriers. Most of all, it keeps one alert,, strong, and mobile. A good circulation is probably the best reward of regular, vigorous, and prolonged exercise. Exercises designed for keeping fit are sometimes called calisthenics.