The Holy Land

   For centuries and centuries Palestine, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, was the home of the Jews. Christians call it the Holy Land because it is the land where Jesus lived.
   In the days of Jesus, Palestine was a part of the great Roman Empire. A few hundred years later Palestine was conquered by the Arabs. The Arabs were followers of Mohammed. To them the land is holy, too.
   During the Middle Ages the Christians of western Europe fought the wars called the Crusades to try to take the Holy Land away from the Mohammedans. They had some success. But in the end all Palestine was once more in Mohammedan hands.
   After the first World War Palestine was put under the protection of the British. After the second     World War there was a great deal of arguing and even fighting about it. The Jews wished to set up a new nation of their own. The Arabs wished it for themselves. In the end it was divided between the two peoples. The part of the Holy Land that now belongs to the Jews is called Israel.