Who was Attila?

In 433 Attila and his brother Bleda became joint rulers of the Huns, wild tribes living in southeastern Europe. Eleven years later Attila had Bleda killed. Then he set out on a march of conquest. After conquering lands to the east and south, he started westward. Attila was so cruel a warrior that he was known as the "scourge of God."
At first his army swept everything before it. But Flavius Aetius, a great Roman general, joined forces with Theodoric, the king of the Visigoths, and met Attila and his army at Chalons. The fighting was so fierce that legends say the dead warriors continued the battle in the sky. About 250 thousand men were killed. In the end Attila was defeated.
In 453 Attila was preparing to march on Italy. But suddenly, just before his troops were ready to set out, he died.
The body of Attila was put in a coffin of gold. The gold coffin was put in a coffin of silver. The silver coffin was put in a coffin of iron. Men were sent to bury Attila. When they came back they were killed. No one must ever know Attila's burial place.