André Derain

   André Derain was a French painter. Born Chatou, France, June 10, 1880. Died Garches, France, Sept. 10, 1954.
   Derain was one of the leaders of Fauvism, a movement in modern art which emphasized brilliant colors and bold designs. He is especially famous for his landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Derain was also an outstanding book illustrator and ballet designer. His important canvases include a portrait of Henri Matisse (Philadelphia Museum of Art) and The Farmhouse of Provence.
   Paintings by Derain, along with those by Matisse and others, were shown in the Fauve exhibition of 1905, which caused a sensation in the art world. Derain's later works, painted after World War I, are considered less important than his Fauvist canvases.