Barracuda, "the tiger of the sea"

   There are several kinds of barracudas, all saltwater fishes. The largest of them is the great barracuda. It is found in the ocean near Florida. All the barracudas are fierce, but the great barra­cuda is especially so. It is sometimes called the tiger of the sea. This big fish—it may be eight or nine feet long—even attacks people. Its teeth are as sharp as knives. Sharks are often blamed for wounds really made by the great barracuda.
Barracudas usually lie in hiding, ready to dart out swiftly after their prey. They will leap high out of the water in their efforts to catch flying fish.
   The barracudas are good game fishes. They fight ferociously when caught. They tire quickly, but a fisherman has a right to boast if he lands a big one.

barracuda fish