Some facts about Genghis Khan

  1. Many people call Genghis Khan (1162-1227) the world's greatest conqueror. He conquered more of the world than did either Napoleon or Alexander the Great.
  2. "Genghis Khan" is not a name. It is a title instead. "Genghis Khan" means "great khan of khans." "Khan" means "ruler." The real name of this ruler was Temuchin. 
  3. Genghis Khan was a Mongol. His home was in the vast desert regiĆ³n of Asia called Mongolia.
  4. It took Temuchin many years to earn his title of Genghis Khan. But he was a khan when he was just a boy. 
  5. His father, the khan of a tribe of Mongols, died when Te­muchin was 13, and the boy, therefore, became the new khan.
  6. The tribe began at once to dwindle, His people did not want a young boy for a lead­er. Many of them left to join other tribes. 
  7. Once a neighboring tribe captured him, but he escaped.
  8. Little by little he rebuilt his tribe. At last he and his men were able to conquer the tribes round about. By the time he was 45 Temuchin was the ruler of all Mongolia. Then he got his title of Genghis Khan.
  9. But he was still not satisfied. He wanted to conquer more of the world. He took his thousands of Mongol soldiers to fight against China. For a time the Great Wall of China stopped him. But he finally conquered the whole country, which in those days was called Cathay.
  10. Genghis Khan then led his Mongols into India and Persia and on to the Mediterranean Sea. Still he was not satisfied. He led them into Russia. It looked as if all Europe would fall into his hands. But in the midst of his victories Genghis Khan died. The rulers who followed him were not able to hold what he had won. His great empire soon broke up.