Froghopper facts

   The froghopper, also known as Spittle Bug, is a common insect of the order Homoptera and family Cercopidae. The larvae are notable in that they produce the frothy substance called "frog spit" or "cuckoo spit" seen on shrubs, grass, and other plants during the summer. After feeding on the plant sap the larva discharges excess sap through the anus. A mucilage-like substance secreted by certain abdominal glands is added. This serves to make the sap more viscous, thereby retaining the air bubbles formed on elimination. As the froth is discharged the insect becomes surrounded and eventually completely covered, this covering constituting an ideal means of protection against enemies. Adult froghoppers, usually a fraction of an inch in size, are excellent leapers. The most common genera are Lepyronia, Aphrophora, and Clastoptera.