Nuthatch facts

   The nuthatch is a small bird. It has a long, straight bill, a short, square tail and large feet and claws. It hunts its food—insects, insect eggs or seeds—among cracks in tree bark and can walk sideways or up and down on a tree trunk or branch. Nuthatches build twig and grass nests in holes in trees.
   The red-breasted nuthatch is a small bird about four and one-half inches long. It lives in pine forests and eats pine seeds. It has a black cap and reddish-brown underparts. Its call is short and nasal sounding.
   The white-breasted nuthatch is one of the most abundant winter residents in eastern America. It has a blue-gray back and white breast. It prefers open woods to forests.
   The pygmy nuthatch, a gray bird, is a western bird, and the brown-headed nut­hatch lives in southern pine woods.