The Count of Monte Cristo

   The Count of Monte Cristo, or Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, a romantic novel by the French author Alexandre Dumas père. The hero of the story is a young sailor, Edmond Dantès who is unjustly imprisoned in the Chateau d'If. He is befriended by another prisoner, the abbé Faria, who tells him of a great treasure buried on the island of Monte Cristo. When the abbé dies, Dantès takes the place of the corpse. His body is thrown into the sea, and he swims to safety. He then goes to the island and finds the treasure. Assuming the name of the Count of Monte Cristo, he travels to Paris with his newly acquired wealth. In Paris he avenges himself upon his enemies and richly rewards his friends.
   The novel was published in 12 volumes in 1844 and 1845. It is one of the most popular of all romantic adventure stories.