Canary bird

what is a canary bird
   No cage birds are more popular than canaries. They are named for the Canary Islands, the home of their wild ancestors. There are still wild canaries on these islands.
   Canaries became cage birds more than 400 years ago. They were taken from their home islands to many other parts of the world. People liked them as pets because they were good singers. Today there are about 50 varieties of canaries.
   Canaries raised in the Harz Mountains in Germany became famous long ago as good singers. Great care is taken in training them. They are really given singing lessons. Music is played for them. Besides, the young birds are kept with older birds that sing especially well.
   A mother canary lays four or five blue eggs. The father bird does not help sit on them, but he helps with the feeding of the baby birds that hatch.
   Canaries are not short-lived pets. Many live to be 15 or 16 years old.