The Weather

what is the weather

    Hurricane "Flossie," in September, 1956, left 50 billion tons of water on the eastern coast in less than three days. Floods cause hundred of millions of dollars of damage each year across the country. There is an average of 593 tornadoes, and 6000 hail, lightning, wind, and thunderstorms each year. No wonder that everyone talks about the weather!
   A good idea of the weather can be formed by observing different weather conditions each day. These are the temperature of the air, the humidity, the direction and speed of the wind, the amount of clouds, and any rain or snow. The one element of weather hardly noticeable is the air pressure. But this is one of the most important, since daily changes in all the other elements depend on pressure changes. All these elements must be considered together to give the current conditions of the atmosphere which is called weather.