Antonio Gaudi

Church of the
Holy Family
   Antonio Gaudi was a Spanish architect. Born Antonio Gaudi y Cornet, at Reus, Spain, June 26, 1852. Died Barcelona, Spain, June 7, 1926.
   Gaudi was an architect of great vigor and originality. He is known for his highly imaginative, sometimes bizarre structures. His work shows the influence of the late-19th-century style of design called Art Nouveau, which was inspired by such natural forms as plants, trees, rocks, and clouds. Gaudi also followed the Art Nouveau in his use of sweeping, curved lines to produce an effect of freedom in space.
   Gaudi's favorite building material was concrete, which he shaped into swirling, often irregular forms.
   Most of his work was done in Barcelona, Spain. His unfinished masterpiece, the Church of the Holy Family in Barcelona, is one of the most unusual structures built in the 20th century.