Some facts about the Dickcissel (bird)

  • The dickcissel is a small finch bird that nests on the central plains of the United States and winters from Mexico to northern South America. 
  • Dickcissels are from 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 cm) long. 
  • The male has a light-brown body, a white throat, a yellow breast with a black V below its throat, and chestnut patches on the shoulder. 
  • The female dickcissel bears a close resemblance to the female house sparrow, but differs by having a touch of yellow about the face.
  • The dickcissel feeds on seeds, fruit, and insects. Its nest, which consists of grass and leaves, is built on the ground or in a low bush, and the female lays three to five solid-colored pale-blue eggs.
  • The dickcissel, Spiza americana, is classified in the order Passeriformes, family Fringillidae.
Dickcissel (Spiza americana)