Some facts about Lord Byron

George Gordon Lord Byron
  • George Gordon Byron, English poet, was born in London on January 22, 1788.
  • Byron became the sixth Baron Byron in 1798, when his great-uncle died.
  • Byron was born with a lame foot, and he tried all his life to disguise it by acts of physical daring.
  • Byron had a volume of his poems printed privately in 1806. A year later, his first published work, Hours of Idleness, appeared.
  • The poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, published in 1812, made Byron famous, and he was sought after by London society. But scandalous love affairs damaged his reputation.
  • Byron married Anne Isabella Milbanke in 1815. She left him a year later, shortly after the birth of a daughter. Byron was cast out by society, and in April, 1816, he left England forever.
  • In 1823 he was elected to a committee helping Greece gain freedom from Turkey. He went to Greece and was warmly welcomed by the Greek leaders. He was eager to lead an attack. But he died, instead, of a fever in the city of Missolonghi on April 19, 1824.