Some facts about the geranium (plant)

geranium flowers
  • Geranium is an herbaceous flowering plant of both hemispheres.
  • There are over 150 species of gereniums.
  • The common American woodland geranium is also called crane's-bill from the long, tapering seed pod.
  • The oxalis, or wood sorrel, and the touch-me-not belong to the geranium family.
  • The famil­iar house plants known as geraniums are closely relatad, but are really pelargoniums, the distinction being that the flower of the house plant is slightly one-sided, one of the petals having a spur or honey tube running down the flower stalk.
  • Geraniums are propagated best by slips. Take about three inches of the end of a branch, break off the large leaves, and insert half its length in fine earth. Water thoroughly once in a while. Do not keep a geranium water-soaked.